"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Almost but not quite....

About two weeks ago, Molly got her ears pierced. She was over the moon excited and was so brave. We went on a Thursday night and despite the fact that there was only one employee and she would have her ears done one at a time, Molly was determined. She didn't cry, didn't even flinch. And she has been thrilled ever since.

At the time, Kate had NO interest in getting hers done. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing.

Until today. She came into my room this morning and announced she wanted her ears pierced. Say what?! I didn't say too much but asked her again later and she stood by her answer. So we did a quick run to Costco tonight and afterwards we stopped at the mall. Kate had already decided which earrings she wanted and insisted she was ready. Well, apparently the earrings she picked are gold plated and have a greater risk of infection and can turn your ears green. Ewww. So we were trying to pick another pair when Kate put the kabosh on the plan. Nope, not ready. So we left. No biggie.

Except Molly had the hugest hissy fit ever because she wanted the lollipop that the piercer lady gives you at the end.

My girls are so different and for that I am blessed.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cape May 2009

Our trip to Cape May this year was a lot of fun as always. We were there from 6/13-20. Aunt Kiki stayed the whole week and we had some other visitors in and out. We had two great beach days, did the Wildwood Boardwalk, spent way too much money on goofy prizes at the arcade, ate dinner at Groff's where Kate enjoyed a peanut free meal, had a few colder beach days, got tons of mosquito bites, saw Cape May the kitty and much more.

Of course I brought my camera ....

The kids already can't wait for Cape May 2010!

Oh boy!

Just a sneak peek at my future with twin girls. Tonight at the dinner table...

Kate: " I want a boyfriend."

Me: "Um really, why?"

Kate: "Because I like boys now. I think I'll ask _____ to be my boyfriend and I'll kiss him too" (name omitted to protect the innocent, hee hee)

Molly: "No! _____ is my boyfriend! You can't have him Kate!"

Kate: "Well I'm just gonna kiss _____ at the pool!"

Kevin: "Oh dear!"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kindergarten Graduate!

Yep, my baby boy is officially a Kindergarten Graduate. Graduation day was Tuesday, June 2. It was such a sweet ceremony. The kids sang lots of songs and even recited a poem or two. Ryan kept talking about how his role was to hug the priest. I had no idea what he meant until it happened. The kids presented a plant to Father Charlie and Ryan was one of the "huggers". It was so cute.
I have to say a few tears were shed. Daddy had the day off and Gam came too. The girls were even well behaved. After the ceremony, there was a short reception in the hall and we got some pictures with his teachers.
We had McDonald's for lunch as where else would a kindergarten graduate want to eat??? That night we did the carnival. All in all a great family day.

Here's my boy...