"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yep, that's me. A complete and utter scatterbrain mess. I've been this way for six years now, so I've gotten quite good at it. I have too much going on and my brain works way faster than my body. I always intend to do this or that. I make "To do" lists, I set reminders on email, but alas, I am hopelessly scatterbrained. Ya think I'd be used to it by now. *sigh* It's Saturday night and I have so many things I need to be doing but somehow they aren't getting done. I'd much rather be scatterbrained and worry about getting it all done later.

Today we had an awesome family day. Truly, it was one of the best. Last night we got a call from Kev's sister offering us tickets to Playhouse Disney Live. Not just any ole tickets either. The Mayor of Philadelphia's box tickets. Yes please! It is definitely not in the budget to do such things these days so we jumped at the chance. Everyone woke up happy, we got ready with little to no fussing and off we went. Even when we ran into traffic, everyone stayed happy and calm. We were a little late but not too much. The kids were glued to the show, sang along, clapped, and were so well behaved. After the show, we went to Toys R Us to spend some birthday money that had been burning a hole in their pockets since they got it in the mail on Friday. The continued to be happy and well behaved despite being in a crowded toy store. They all picked out a smallish toy and even readily agreed to pick out a toy for a child in need this season. I was SO proud of them as they walked over to the Marines and handed them their gifts for Toys for Tots. So not only did they get a toy they also got a great life lesson.

Now, back to that "To do" list.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toothless once again

Molly had to have two teeth pulled yesterday. My poor baby. When she was about 1 1/2 she fell on a teeter totter and knocked two of her teeth back up into her gums. We thought they were totally knocked out at first, but after an x-ray, we saw they were still there. They came back down on their own and had been fine. Until last week. I took the girls for a routine cleaning and it was a different dentist so I filled her in on Molly's history. She said the teeth looked fine and to watch for a bubble on her gum. No one had ever mentioned to watch for this before. So Ryan had his check up on Monday and had a cavity. So I took him back on Wednesday. Don't ya know, Wed night I was helping Mol brush her teeth and there was a bubble on her gum. So I took her in the next day and sure enough, she had an abscess and the dentist said she needed the one tooth pulled. She put Mols on an antibiotic and we were to return in a few days. So yesterday was the big day. Molly was actually pretty excited to be losing a tooth like big brother Ryan. Plus she knew the tooth fairy would visit. Once there they decided due to the location of the abscess to pull both teeth. Molly was a TROOPER and did awesome. She had a bit of a rough time once the novacaine wore off. She wouldn't take any medicine (Tylenol or Motrin) or drink/eat. She got a bit dehydrated and was barfing some too. But once we got some fluids in her, she perked up and was asking for her shopping trip to Happy Harry's (drug store) to get her prize. Oh and the tooth fairy left her 20 smackeroos as she didn't have any smaller bills so she should be able to pick out something nice.

Never a dull moment....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

American Heart Association Go Red Luncheon and Fashion Show

The girls are partipating in this next Friday. Yesterday we went to a bridal shop for their flower girl dress fittings. Needless to say, Kate was well, Kate. "I don't like pink! I HATE pink! I'm not wearing that pink dress." I think the lady at the shop was quite taken aback at Little Miss Sass. She did end up cooperating and is wearing a very cute white velvet top and green raw silk dress. Very Christmasy and very cute. Molly is wearing a bluish/grey dress now known as the "Ariel" dress. Very cute as well. So last night after Trick or Treating, we were recounting our day to Gam and Pop Pop. We were talking about "the pink dress". Kate held up her hand and said, "No more discussion about the pink dress!" Omg, that girl.

The kids had a blast Trick or Treating. They got lots of candy which was left on the front porch. True to his word, The Great Pumpkin made his visit and left Ryan some Transformer sheets, Molly an Ariel comforter and pink sheets and Kate a Nemo comforter with green sheets. They all also got a $15 gift certificate to KB Toys for a mini shopping spree. Needless to say, the candy is long forgotten about.

We are about to transition the girls from toddler beds to big girl beds. Every night, Ryan has two little visitors who pretty much hog his bed. The other morning I went into Ryan's room and he was squished at the bottom of the bed with his head on Molly's bottom while Molly and Kate were quite comfy on his pillow. Poor big brother!

A couple pics from Halloween....

Cowgirl, Optimus Prime and Ariel


Home again home again!