"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Growing up

So a recent conversation with Molly goes something like this....

Molly: "I like being a big girl."

Me: "Oh yeah, why's that?"

Molly: "Because I get to do lots of big girl stuff like arts and crafts and being a baby is just AWFUL!"

Me: Trying my hardest not to laugh, "Uh okay."

Molly: "I'm growing but I'm not a grown up like you. Someday I'll be a grown up."

Me: "Yep, you will."

And another one while I was getting dressed this morning....

Molly: "Mommy, why do you have hair on your heiney?" (Altho she does know the correct terminology, she refers to vaginas as heineys.)

Me: "Because I'm a mommy and mommy's have hair on their vaginas."

Molly: Thinks for a minute and says, "Does _______'s mommy have hair on her heiney?" (Name omitted to spare the innocent.)

Me: "So, are you ready for breakfast?"

I swear, I AM in trouble because she's only 3 1/2. Lord help me when we hit the teenaged years.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've been feeling kinda bleh the past few days. Might have something to do with the 95+ temps we've been having. It's been too hot for the pool even. So the kids and I have been inside too much and we all know what happens with a mom and three crazy kids stuck in the house. Insanity! I took them out back for a bit this afternoon and the mosquitoes were biting and it was hot and humid. We quickly came back inside. Tomorrow we are heading to MoonBounce, our favorite indoor, cool, burn off lots of energy, spot.
So I survived the Mothers of Multiples picnic on Sunday, in the blazing heat no less. Multiple multiples running around. All were pretty good except my two. Flooding the powder room and peeing on the deck were their big performances. You know its bad when another mother of twins says, "My, you've got your hands full." *sigh*
VBS was great last week. In fact, I think I've found another one for the first week in August. Something has to get me through until September!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I've found my roots

I recently came upon a blog called We are THAT family and it really struck a chord with me. Cuz see, we are THAT family too. The one that everyone whispers about when they see us coming and talks about when we leave. (Come on, I know you do!) We are crazy, wild, loud, chaotic, funny, energetic, and always have an adventure (or ER story) to share. I KNEW there had to be other families out there like us and well, now I've found one. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yep, I've been MIA the past few days as the girls ended up with some weird summer virus. Kate started on Sunday with a fever. Layed on the couch all day and wasn't eating. Sunday night by 10 PM Molly was burning up too. Thank goodness Kevin was off on Monday as Molly began the barf fest Monday morning. She barfed many times over the next 24 hours. Monday night/Tues morning I was up from 1-5AM with poor barfing Mols. PopPop brought some Coke over on Tues at lunchtime. I gave some to Mols and her stomach settled and she seemed to perk up. By Tuesday evening, the girls were back to their normal hi-jinks. So today I needed to get them out of the house!!!! We had been in all weekend and had a major case of cabin fever. It was a rainy day so no pool. Boo!

We ventured out to the Delaware Museum of Natural History. The kids had fun. They especially liked the cave with bats in it. Tho, I had to reassure them a few times that they weren't real. All was pretty good until Kev called looking for us and the kids were trying to climb on one of the exhibits. One of the curators came over and told them not to climb. It was then that I decided we needed to make our exit. Still being early enough in the day, still rainy and my kids still having TOO much energy, I decided to take them to McDonald's for lunch. We went to the one with the super big play place. We had lunch and the kids ran and ran. We bumped into a friend from FSMOM and her twin boys. Ryan had a blast playing with "C" and "C". It was nice to chat while the kiddos played.
Naps ended out our day and I was able to get some stuff accomplished around the house. I even cooked dinner tonight. For those who don't know, I can sure keep a clean house and I can cook, I just don't do it much. Love to eat, hate to cook, that's me. With three picky kids who almost never eat what I make, we do pretty simple dinners around here. Ryan didn't eat dinner tonight and even passed on dessert. He was feeling a bit warm and asked to go to bed. I think we're on to round 3 of the virus.

Here are some pictures from the 4th of July parade:

Waiting for the parade to start

Gam and Ry

Here it comes



"I got some candy!"

Blue tongue

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Gam and Pop Pop took Ryan for an overnight last night, so the girls are and I are hanging out today. Kevin is at work. We will all meet up for the parade this afternoon. Hopefully the weather cooperates. It's looking a bit dark and the forecast is calling for rain. It always rains for the 4th parade. I am packing my camera so hopefully I'll have some pics to share later.

Happy 4th to all!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My kids ARE the funniest

So I mentioned the other day my kids discussing my coffee habit. Today they were playing drive thru. We have a half brick wall on one side of our deck. Kate was behind the wall while Molly and Ryan were "driving their cars" aka tricycles. Ryan pulled up and said "I'll take mine with 4 splenda." Kate handed him a cup and off he went. Molly was next and got "lots of coffee"! It was so darn cute and so funny. I was literally cracking up.

Then tonight after dinner they got some Gummi Savers for dessert. They like to wear them as rings, stretch them out and generally play with them. Ryan took one, stretched it out and put it over his top lip saying, "Look at me, I'm Pop Pop!" In case you don't know...Pop Pop sports a 'stash. Again, major giggles.

And one more giggle....

The Popsicle Gang

In case you are wondering, that's a TBall tee on Ryan's arm. He thinks he's Optimus Prime these days.