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Saturday, November 1, 2008

American Heart Association Go Red Luncheon and Fashion Show

The girls are partipating in this next Friday. Yesterday we went to a bridal shop for their flower girl dress fittings. Needless to say, Kate was well, Kate. "I don't like pink! I HATE pink! I'm not wearing that pink dress." I think the lady at the shop was quite taken aback at Little Miss Sass. She did end up cooperating and is wearing a very cute white velvet top and green raw silk dress. Very Christmasy and very cute. Molly is wearing a bluish/grey dress now known as the "Ariel" dress. Very cute as well. So last night after Trick or Treating, we were recounting our day to Gam and Pop Pop. We were talking about "the pink dress". Kate held up her hand and said, "No more discussion about the pink dress!" Omg, that girl.

The kids had a blast Trick or Treating. They got lots of candy which was left on the front porch. True to his word, The Great Pumpkin made his visit and left Ryan some Transformer sheets, Molly an Ariel comforter and pink sheets and Kate a Nemo comforter with green sheets. They all also got a $15 gift certificate to KB Toys for a mini shopping spree. Needless to say, the candy is long forgotten about.

We are about to transition the girls from toddler beds to big girl beds. Every night, Ryan has two little visitors who pretty much hog his bed. The other morning I went into Ryan's room and he was squished at the bottom of the bed with his head on Molly's bottom while Molly and Kate were quite comfy on his pillow. Poor big brother!

A couple pics from Halloween....

Cowgirl, Optimus Prime and Ariel


Home again home again!


kim said...

LOL! kate IS something else! (i love it!) forget the big girl beds, get ryan a queen sized bed! TOO funny!