"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Molly and Kate -isms

So in case you haven't noticed from the tone of my posts lately, my kids are driving me NUTS. Today I decided I need to try and focus on more of their cuteness and less of their annoyingness. Altho, annoyingness does tend to be in great supply. I'm just sayin'. Anyway, I took them for a walk down Main Street in Newark the other day. We passed by a bank and Molly said, "Look Mommy! It's the money store!"

And just today Kate and I were talking about her friends K&K. Kate said they're my girl friends. I said, "oh you're girlfriends." Kate said, "No mommy, my girl friends." As in they are girls and they are her friends, not her girlfriends. How does she know to even differentiate this?

One more quick story. I took all 3 to the chiropractor with me this morn as I have for the past several weeks. I guess they are getting more and more comfortable there because they were WILD. WILD. So wild, Jodi the office manager spoke to them and told them to settle down. And settle down they did. Always nice when someone else whips your kids into shape. Then Jodi gave me an herbal "xanax". AHHHHH. Maybe that's why today I'm focusing on the cuteness. Might have to get me some more of that.