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Friday, September 12, 2008

Another vacuum story and 'The First Day of School!'

Yesterday the girls were eating dry cereal in a cup before school. Kate often takes her dry cereal and pours it into one of her "play" bowls and pretends to be a dog. Yes, she is weird. Yesterday she was eating cereal off the floor and I told her, "Kate stop eating like a dog." To which she replied, "Mom, I'm not a dog, I'm a vacuum!" I seriously almost peed my pants.

The first day of school went well all around. Kevin and I dropped Ryan off at 7ish AM. His school has a very stringent system in place, pull up, open the door, kid jumps out, pull away. And don't dare hold up the line or you'll get beeped at by the other parents. So we pulled up, opened the door, the school counselor was there and helped Ryan get out. He turned and said uncertainly, "Bye mom." The counselor walked him over to an 8th grader to walk him to his class as we pulled away so as not to hold up the line. It was over in all of 10 seconds. Talk about tough!!!! The tears were streaming down my cheeks. I made Kev pull over so I could get out and try to see Ry but he was already gone. My baby is a kindergartner! At pick up, I waited with all the other parents and Ry was one of the first kids out. He ran to me with a big grin and I knew all was well. He likes it! Yay Ryan!

The girls started preschool in the 3's class. They did very well at drop off. They were a bit clingy but no tears! When we picked them up they were all smiles.

Kevin and I enjoyed a quiet breakfast date. A rare treat indeed. Momma is so relieved that the first day went well.

Here are a couple of pictures...







Michelle said...

Wow, I just can't get over how much taller Molly is over Kate. (I do have them right, right?) :-)
Love the pic of them pushing Daddy up the sidewalk.

Kristen said...

Yep, Molly is MUCH taller. We'll see by how much tomorrow at their check up.

Shannon said...

Glad all of you survived the 1st day of school, lol. Ryan sure does look like a big boy all of a sudden! I love how different your girls are. :)

Miche said...

Hi! I came over from Ruby and Roja-your blog is so cute! Im wondering though if you last name is Dunne for the wordplay-my favorite writer is John Dunne!