"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mr. Tootie Man

So Ryan and I have this very sweet bed time routine of talking about "The little boy named Ryan." It starts out, "Once upon a time there was a little boy named Ryan. He had two sisters named..." This is where Ryan pipes in, "Molly and Kate". "So the little boy had a good day...." This is something we've been doing for years and we snuggle and cuddle and it is so sweet. Except for tonight. My son got up, stuck his butt in my face and farted, declaring himself "Mr. Tootie Man". Nice, huh!

Swim lessons were called due to thunder today. We got all dressed and ready, went to the pool only to have the lifeguards say, "No lessons, thunder." Good grief, do they not realize all the work that goes into getting three kids ready for swim lessons?!

So we went to the post office instead by way of Dunkin Donuts. I LOVE coffee and my kids def know it. We go to the DD drive thru and I order my large coffee with cream and four splenda. My kids always say, "Mooom, why do you always get the same thing? " My response, "'Cuz I love it!" It's so funny because then this leads to a ten minute discussion about how when they are grown ups they are going to drink coffee and do whatever they want because they are grown ups. Can you tell we've been discussing why kids have to listen to their parents, follow rules, do chores, etc. etc.

Alrighty, I promised myself I would get to bed early so, Bon Nuit!


kim said...

love it! :)

sorry about swim lessons, that's so wrong.

LOVE your new blog name btw, love when a fam name can be put to good use like that; still "mad" *jen* didnt use "We in trauble..." for hers as I suggested.

oh and not fair! my daily DD trip involves me taking 2-3 OUT of he car and 65 seconds later repacking them in!