"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a very merry one indeed! Busy as to be expected but very happy and peaceful. The holiday week started with a quick trip to NYC for mommy, by HERSELF! Yep, it was a mini vaca. Much needed tho short and sweet. I drove up Monday night after Kev got home from work. I met up with Aunt Hil and Lou at their fav spot, The Redhead. Hil just made some gorgeouse velvet curtains and chair covers for them. We had a few cocktails and then had one of the most delicious meals ever. We had Wild Mushroom Flatbread to share, I had a Sweet Potatoe Salad and Grits with Sausage and Shrimp. I also enjoyed several glasses of red wine. In fact, several too many. I was very happy and relaxed and ended up being a bit hung over the next day. I had grand plans to tool around the city with my camera and check out the holiday sites. Instead, I slept very late, took a leisurely shower, got some coffee and some eats and hung out in Hil's apartment. It was a nice day of quiet and it might have even been better than walking around the city freezing my arse off. I met up with Hil and Lou around 7pm and we headed to DE. We made a stop at our fav diner, Mastori's in Bordentown. Yum. We arrived home around 1AM as there was traffic. Good times. On Christmas Eve, Hil, Lou and the kids made some sugar cookies for Santa and decorated them. We all got dressed for church and made it there with not a minute to spare. The service was beautiful and the best part, the kids were so well behaved. Then back to Gam and Pop Pop's for dinner. Basil chicken, noodles and salad. Easy but delish dinner. The kids got one present to open, new pajamas. We had them home and in bed by 9ish. They were WAY excited and took a bit to fall asleep. Aunt Kiki came over and joined forces with Hil and Lou to do all my wrapping. More wine and lots of good laughs.
Christmas morning began around 3:30AM when the kids started waking asking if Santa had been here and was it time for presents. They were told to go back to sleep many times. Around 5:30 I stumbled downstairs to get their stockings and told them to be quiet at least if they weren't going to sleep. We managed to hold them off until 7:30. I did get video of their reactions as they came downstairs. They each got a new bike. The girls got helmets as well. Ryan got a Hess truck and a blue lightsaber. Kate got a Barbie guitar and Molly got a Barbie laptop. We waited for Gam and PopPop to come over and Hil and Lou to wake up before we opened the rest of the loot. It was a great morning. We did miss Aunt Mimi bunches as she was snowed in back in Seattle. We then had a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and blueberry crumble. The kids took a ride on the new bikes and then a nap was had by all. Our gang did it all again that night with Kev's family at Aunt Kathy's house. We were given a year pass to the Philadelphia Zoo and the Please Touch Museum. We are anxious to visit! All in all a great day. Kev worked today and the kids and I layed low. Aunt Gail made it into town and stopped by and we have some plans to hang out the rest of the weekend. Hil and Lou headed back to NYC by bus. It was great having them here with us. Oh and Ryan lost a top tooth tonight! Lots of pictures to come. I am ordering the things I need to ramp up my computer so I should have no trouble editing and uploading pics.